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Helena Løvendal Relationship Training, Psychotherapy & Coaching in London

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This is perhaps the most exciting time in history to be a woman on this planet

A good deal is written about how men are afraid of women’s power. What is less known however, is to what extent women themselves are afraid of their power!

I am not referring to the kind of power that comes with a role – I’m talking about the authentic power that arises naturally from an inner sense of authority, the kind of power no-one can assign to you, nor take away from you. The natural qualities of a woman’s power include her ability to love, to nurture, to care, to be creative, receptive and open - even to put others’ needs before her own, when called for.

But her loving and giving, her creativity and receptive nature must be rooted in her equally natural feminine qualities of discernment and fierceness, the deep knowing of her instinctual body, her ability to surf the depths and heights of her rich feelings and enjoy her sensual, sexual passions and prowess.

Without embracing this wildish side of her self, her pride and deep pleasure in being a woman will be out of her reach – as will a mate that can meet her.

Women's work is not an alternative lifestyle, simply a sane choice in a crazy world.

Women-only events. canoe

As we let go of old stories, what resources do we need to support us so we don’t fall back into old traps? The radical changes we are looking for cannot come from the confines of our old story that created our self-concept and worldview. It cannot come from somebody else telling us what do to. It will only come from a different story, the "new story" that women gathering together are trying to gestate and birth – simply by changing the way we relate to our ‘old story’ we create a ‘new story’. Though in many respects what we are stalking is not new at all, but very ancient. The difference is that we live in very different times from when those ancient stories first emerged to guide human behavior and sense of purpose.

The equality of women in modern western society is only a doorway through which we can now begin to reclaim the radiant, fierce aliveness of the deep feminine. With this greater freedom comes greater responsibility: we each can play an active role in guiding how the future will unfold by the choices we make every day.

When as women we look deeply into our longing hearts - we probably find that we all hold the purpose of life as sacred. In our deepest desires we all long to heal our bodies, minds and souls, to heal our mother Earth... desire to co-create the new, ancient story upon which a more beautiful world might be built, together with men and for the children of the coming generations.

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"Helena has a rare talent for bringing together the worlds of psychotherapeutic analysis, with shamanic or Indigenous knowledges, along with embodied, feminist intellectual frame-works and in doing so creates the conditions for transformation and awakening at a deep level. I particularly appreciate the holistic approach she offers through her experienced understanding of these different worlds, and the number of arrows in her quiver which she fires to get to the heart of a situation.

"Her strength and tenderness are in equal measure and through a crisis in my life, she offered resources and tools as well as intellectual and emotional support to help me keep moving, growing and learning. The world is a richer and more healing place because of her presence on it."

Dr. Anna Cole

Ways Of Woman: Embracing Authentic Female Identity, Authority & Wisdom

A 3-Part Residential Program for Women over one year.
In Spain and South West France with Christine Arentz Schjetlein & Helena Løvendal

This is one of the most comprehensive programmes offered for women who wish to embody and trust their own female power, wisdom and vision. It will challenge and inspire you, show you the way from confusion and chaos to becoming a clear, capable and compassionate woman. It aims to induce profound changes in yourself and your relationships, to affect your fundamental approach to life, and restore your gentle, radiant, non-competitive self-confidence.

Next program starts May 2018.
27 May-3 June 2018 • 30 Sept.-7 Oct. 2018 • 7 - 14 May. 2019

Part One: 27 May -3 June 2018: Everything is born of woman - discovering and defining our true female identity.

Part Two: 30 September – 7 October 2018: Opening to Passion, Power & Pleasure - Transforming our relationship to men and the masculine.

Part Three: 7 -14 May 2019: Woman, to thy own self be true - when sleeping women awake, mountains move.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? "
Mary Oliver

Contact me for full details or if you want to have a chat to see if this is for you!

Join the first “Rites for Girls” International Facilitator Training

A unique opportunity to become involved in 
pioneering work with pre-teen girls!

With Kim McCabe and Helena Løvendal

I have for many years held the vision of being able to support young girls in their journey towards becoming a young woman. I believe it has always been one of the most important tasks for women and mothers, but even more so now. I'm delighted that Kim and I met in this shared vision.

From working with women for over 20 years, I know that the longing for female role models that you actually desire to become like, is deep; so many of us grew up rejecting the visions of womanhood we were given, and for good reasons! It's been a long, long time since the world has been a friendly place for women and the feminine in men and women alike, but the tide is turning.

Our daughters are hungry for our female wisdom and feminine intelligence; they need it to be at home in their own bodies, to feel pride and joy in becoming and being women; they need it to wake up from the age-old trance of idealizing men and the masculine, which it turn prevents genuine love of men and the masculine to develop which in turn prevents the men from being able to learn to love and trust women and the feminine... it's a long and painful tale, and we women have some very important work to do! But how do you pass on what you never received yourself?

This training is a unique opportunity for women to learn exactly that.
‘Rites for Girls’ Facilitators’ Training
Starting November 2017. This training is full !

  • Do you feel you have an affinity for the teenage stage of life?
  • Would you like to join a group of pioneering women supporting mothers and daughters in making the transition from girl to woman a lasting life-enhancing experience?
  • You might remember your own issues from your teenage years - and be interested in exploring the importance of this life stage in more depth.

Teenagers are stressed. Many girls are feeling the pressure to do well at school, look good, stay connected on social media, get on with their parent and fit in. Sadly many girls are showing the signs of not coping and mental health concerns are on the rise.
Would you like to be able to support girls through this challenging phase? You may be a mother, or not. What matters is that you care deeply about how our daughters experience the transition from girlhood to young womanhood. And that you are ready to meet yourself as a woman of deep beauty, power, wisdom and wicked humour! If you are interested to know more, get in touch without any commitment.

Taught by Kim McCabe and Helena Løvendal, the training entails a mixture of residential group training, individual support, peer groups, written work, and supervised practical experience – with four residential weeks spanning a year.

If you are interested in training in this important pioneering work, please contact Kim or Helena:

[email protected]
[email protected]

Look forward to hearing from you.

Discover more about Girls Journeying Together Groups.

"When I was awarded the Ray Murphy Award in 2010, with my proposal to build leadership capacity in Ireland, 'Taking Yourself Seriously: A developmental opportunity for women in leadership', there was only one woman in the world that I wanted for my own 1:1 leadership coaching: Helena Lovendal.

"I have been inspired, encouraged and enriched by Helena since I first attended one of her courses in 2003. From the outset Helena challenged me to connect deeply to myself as a woman, to reflect on my inner relationship to power, creativity, leadership and authority. This was transformational. It was with Helena that I began to wonder: how did I know myself as a powerful woman and give my power away? How did I really want to express my power in life? What strategies did I have for distracting myself, for self-sabotage, for not shining?

"She has been an important influence in my life for over a decade. I love every minute of working with her. She's such a talented woman, rich in knowledge and insight, humane and compassionate, challenging and provocative, funny and wise. I can't recommend her highly enough. She's the best."

Eina McHugh, Cultural Consultant, author of 'To Call Myself Beloved', Fulbright Scholar and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

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