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Helena Løvendal Relationship Training, Psychotherapy & Coaching in London

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Psychosexual Therapy & Education: a revolutionary approach to systemic body-orientated depth-psychology & sexual therapy

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"Over the last 8 years I have had the privilege of witnessing Helena work, both as a course participant and a student in her Creative couples course. I experience her as a very knowledgeable, empathic and kind person. She has the ability to say how it is and then when required to hold and support. My interactions and experiences with her have changed my life for the better and given me a different prospective on life. Thank you Helena."
Keith Elgin

Beyond Oedipus: a new approach to working with psychosexual & relational issues in everyday practice.

As therapists we recognise children’s need for mirroring in order to internalise healthy self-concepts. Less known, however, is our need to have our sexual and erotic nature mirrored, appropriate to our age and developmental phase.

How can therapists provide repair in this area and promote the natural development of the individual’s full being as a sexual, relational man or woman? How can we meaningfully respond to sexual difficulties, including secrecy and lack of desire in a culture where over-excitement masks, shame and ignorance of sexuality’s authentic depth?

A transformational series for private and professional life, based on sound theory for effective understanding and practice, relevant for counsellors, psychotherapists, body practitoners, GP’s, teachers, trainers and educators, beginning January 2018 in London.

Psychosexual Therapy & Education. quote

Working with people therapeutically - especially couples - means working with them as sexual beings, with all their unfulfilled developmental needs, their longings to be met, as well as their difficulties with desire and self-expression. The informed professional has huge potential for supporting repair, regulation and guidance in this area. Learn how to meaningfully respond to difficulties in identity, sexuality and relationships.

The programme presented is the result of more than two decades of dedicated application and research drawing on diverse tested sources into the areas of intimate relationship, sexuality and gender psychology.

Trainers: Helena Løvendal & Geoff Lamb, co-founders of The UK Centre for Psychosexual Therapy & Education.

Power without love is destructive to others;
Love without power is destructive to your self.

For further details and enquiries please contact me.

"Helena is a highly knowledgeable and skilled psychotherapy practitioner and trainer. It is her rare ability to work both in the moment and in precise detail with trainees, and clients, that adds so much value to her work.

"Helena has well formed foundations in her integrated theory and practice, and this gives her the capacity to be really generous in her clinical interventions with those she is training with. She always shows that her motivation to such high standards of intervention is her deep compassion for the difficult business of being human."

Andy Metcalf, Psychotherapist

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